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Lower Concentrator Failure Rates = Lower Cost of Business

Let us show you how to reduce operational costs by choosing the most reliable concentrator

In recent years, the ever-changing DME industry has seen price as a driving factor in the provider’s purchasing decisions. At a quick glance, this is a very logical way of thinking. However, upon close evaluation, there are a few factors – most importantly reliability - that can make a significant difference in total cost of concentrator ownership.

Inevitably, you will have a percentage of your concentrator fleet fail. More often than not, these failures will occur at night. Someone on your team will answer the call and dispatch a technician, who will undoubtedly work overtime to deliver a new unit. Whether or not the concentrators are under warranty, you will spend time and money in repairs and/or shipping. And of course, you must purchase backup concentrators for when the inevitable happens. All of these things cost you money.

However, if you are careful to purchase a concentrator fleet with a low failure rate, it can dramatically reduce the costs associated with these maintenance and repair issues. Of course, when your concentrators are failing less frequently, you are not paying as much in service calls, labor, customer service, repairs and delivery/shipping. This adds up quickly, reducing your total cost of ownership.

Let us show you how to reduce the total cost of your concentrator fleet by choosing the most reliable concentrators. Our team of experts can help you.


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