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"A Wanderlust" perfectly describes Frances, an 81-year-old woman with a zest for traveling and life, and a deep love for her family, especially her granddaughter Ramsey. Traveling, exploring and experiencing life with her family are Frances’ greatest pleasures so when she suffered a stroke in September 2016, her biggest fear was that she may not be able to resume the life she once enjoyed...Read Full Article

The Adventures of Marty's
Traveling Scooter

A rusty old nail can’t break the foundation of 29 years of marriage, during that time a couple will experience a lot. A lot of joy and happiness as well as sacrifice, loss and for Marty and Renee, some injuries as well but a marriage can’t last 29 years without a solid foundation, a good sense of humor and a trusty and loyal Knee Walker...Read Full Article

Cruising with the Nitro

Out of the corner of his eye Norris saw something in the elevator, he thought to himself "Is that a walker?" answering with a mumble "Couldn't be, that was red and sleek not cold and silver". As he glanced toward the elevator once again Norris made out two words "Drive" and "Nitro" just as the doors were closing - those two words were the words that have changed Norris's life forever...Read Full Article

The Roads They Travel

On the back of her husband’s motorcycle with the wind on her face, the adrenaline pumping through her veins Kelly enjoys every ride with her husband Jeff as he navigates the wide open roads on their souped-up touring motorcycle. Never missing a ride with Kelly and Jeff is their Drive Transport Chair which assists them as they explore the new places, new people and the beautiful landscapes they see across the United States....Read Full Article

The One and Only Rollator: The Nitro

Joe, 93 years young, retired 27 years as an accomplished Tool and Die Maker for the aircraft industry, knows a thing or two about good craftsmanship, a solid design, seamless navigation, and of course, excellent quality – those qualities are the exact reasons why Joe absolutely loves his Drive Nitro Rollator...Read Full Article

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