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Gain Referrals By Maximizing Patient
Comfort & Safety

When you keep patient satisfaction at the forefront of your operations, caregivers notice. Are your referral sources aware that the right bed can avoid injury, service, calls and unnecessary strain?

Reduce bed

Reduce Bed Inventory with

Would you like to reduce your inventory footprint by as much as 2/3? Do your technicians ever make multiple trips when replacing motor parts, headboards, or footboards? Choosing the right bed can help.


Reduce Operational Costs With Easy
Service, Transportation, and Cleaning

Have you ever measured how long it takes to setup or clean a bed? A well-trained technician can setup the right bed in minutes. And the right bed can avoid power outage calls in the middle of the night.

total cost

Decrease the Total Cost
of Bed Ownership

The initial cost is obvious, but don't neglect to calculate factors over the life of the bed. A high-quality bed with an industry leading warranty can minimize costs over a 5 year reimbursement period.