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Offer Group 2 Support Surfaces to Increase Patient Comfort

How to Successfully Navigate Group 2 Support Surface Sales and Increase Patient Comfort and Quality of Life

If the thought of offering Group 2 support surfaces seems daunting to you, you are not alone. Many DME providers avoid Group 2 support surfaces entirely because they think it’s too involved, too audit heavy, nobody qualifies or they don’t have the time or staff to do it. You may feel it’s not worth the effort. However, Group 2 support surfaces are vital to providing quality care to those who qualify. An added bonus to providing patients with this much-needed service is that you also have the opportunity increase your market share and profitability.

By offering Group 2 support surfaces you are helping the patient as well as the caregiver and hospital. Group 2 support surfaces not only treat and prevent pressure ulcers but also help control pain, enhance the quality of sleep and life, help prevent falls and make caregiving for bed-bound patients easier. As you are increasing comfort and treating patients’ conditions, you are also helping to reduce readmissions to the hospital. Doing all these things effectively can position you as the expert and help to increase your market share.

The way to thrive in the turbulent, ever-changing business environment is to differentiate your company from others. Offering Group 2 support surfaces can help you do that. By doing so, you could profit from the rental, increase patient comfort and quality of life, brand your company as the expert with referral sources, and increase your market share.

Let our team of seasoned, industry experts help you:

  • Identify which Group 2 support surfaces will work best for your company’s needs
  • Match the Group 2 support surface to the patient
  • Educate your staff to become experts on Group 2 documentation and billing
  • Implement a process that will help to reduce your auditing and billing issues
  • Educate your referral sources on how to effectively write Group 2 prescriptions and provide clean documentation to your company
  • Potentially increase market share and profit by branding your company as the expert in Group 2 support surfaces

Increase your patients’ comfort and quality of life by offering Group 2 support surfaces. Contact your Territory Business Manager to set up a call, and learn how to succeed in Group 2 support surfaces.


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