Medicare Documentation Templates

Find useful templates to streamline the Medicare documentation process...Read More

Making Power Mobility Work for You

A "How To" Guide to Successfully Implementing Medicare Coverage Requirements

The added complexities to the new Medicare coverage requirements for Power Mobility Devices have made it extremely difficult to operate a Power Mobility business; with increase in the manual audits...Read More

Quick Reference PECOS Program Guide

PECOS is acronym for the “Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System” for Provider and Suppler Organizations. This system is internet based and allows for Physicians or other Healthcare Providers/Suppliers to manage their provider files at Medicare. All Physicians...Read More

STEP by STEP Guide to PMD Reimbursement

For a power operated vehicle (POV) or power wheelchair (PWC) to be covered, the treating physician must conduct a face-to-face examination of the client before writing the order and the supplier must receive a written report of this examination within 45 days after...Read More

7 Element Order + 1

Avoid the Denial of Claims and Propel Your Business Forward

The increased number of claims denials from Medicare is on the forefront of every Power Mobility Business. The denial of claims is stemming from the several aspects however the most prevalent is the missing of data on...Read More

Matching the Product with the Client

Over the last decade, the Mobility Assistive Equipment (MAE) industry has seen a few changes, the added burden of Medicare’s competitive bidding has created many obstacles that has made it difficult to operate a successful business...Read More

How to Use the 9 Step Algorithm

Qualifying a Client for Mobility Assistive Equipment

To successfully qualify a patient for Mobility Assistive Equipment (MAE) , a Provider must adhere to Medicare's 9 Step Algorithm. The 9 Step Algorithm is a series of questions that must be answered by a Clinician...Read More

CBA Fee Schedules

Find the comprehensive CBA 2014 DME Fee Schedule and the Round 1 and Round 2 Single Pay Amount Schedules here.

CMS Relaxes Documentation Requirements for DME Repair Claims

CMS recently issued Change Request 8843 that provides additional guidance to the DME MACs when conducting medical review of DMEPOS repair claims...Read More

Expansion of Medicare PMD Prior Authorization Program

CMS has announced the expansion of the Medicare Prior Authorization (PA) Program for Power Mobility Devices (PMDs) to 12 additional states starting October 1, 2014...Read More

Revised Face-to-Face Examinations and Written Order Requirements

The DME MAC's recently released a joint publication that provides clarification on who may perform the in-person visit and the responsibilities of the ordering physician...Read More

Urgent Update to Medicare Providers

Billing Tilt-In-Space MWCs now
Categorized as a Capped Rental

With the change of the E1161 (Tilt-in-Space MWC) to a capped rental effective April 1, 2014, Medicare will now reimburse for this MWC base over 13 months...Read More

Urgent Update to Medicare Providers!

New Face-to-Face Requirements

There are 155 items covered under the face-to-face requirement and major changes in the provisions of this new rule that are taking effect. It’s imperative that all DME providers have a complete and thorough understanding of these new changes as they can directly impact your bottom line...Read More

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