Falling Injuries in Older Adults

Anyone who has worked with older adults or has a loved one who is older surely has a fall story to tell. “I will never forget that phone call, telling me that my Mom had fallen and was being taken to the hospital in an ambulance,” said Kate Andrews, whose 74-year-old mother had never seemed unsteady before...Read More

What Happens After You Fall?

68 year-old Doris Huffmann’s daily life has changed since she’s returned home after surgery     and rehabilitation to recover from a broken hip sustained in a fall...Read More

The Most Dangerous Room in the House

It’s hot and steamy. You’ve taken your glasses off. You’re barefoot, naked, and alone. Everywhere you step, you slip and slide. You’re surrounded by hard, slippery surfaces. It sounds like a scene from some strange, futuristic movie, but it’s actually what many older adults experience every day in their own bathrooms...Read More

Bathroom Safety: Why Do We Resist?

If we’re truly concerned about safety, why do so many of us leave those concerns at the bathroom door?

The bathroom is one of the most potentially dangerous rooms in the home, particularly for older adults. Why? Let’s start with the wet and slippery surfaces, loose rugs, and sharp corners...Read More

Fear of Falling

As people age and their health and mobility declines, even the healthiest, fittest individuals are more prone to falling. A CBS online news report states that one-third of seniors over 65 fall each year, and of those, 50 percent fall repeatedly...Read More

It's Never Too Late To Think About Bath Safety

“I’ve fallen…and I can’t get up!”

These words have become a pop culture punchline, but they’re much less funny when you consider the source...Read More

When It Comes to Seniors & Bath Safety, Never Assume

When it comes to seniors and safety, never assume.  Without adequate safety measures, a typical morning shower can mean the end of independent living for someone who suffers a bathtub fall injury.

It had been months since I’d visited my mother at her home.  An active, 73-year-old widow, she lives alone since her husband’s death a year ago...Read More

Safety in the Bathroom: Don't Give Up Style for Substance

Say the words “bathroom safety” and what comes to mind? Grey, institutional surfaces? Harsh industrial lighting? A room stripped bare of design? Maybe once this was true, but bathroom safety is no longer just a concern in medical facilities...Read More

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