Protect Loved Ones Before A Fall Occurs


Over the past few decades, we have made the world safer in so many different ways. We use seatbelts when driving in our airbag and antilock brake-equipped cars. We wear helmets when bicycling, skiing, and rollerblading. We require safety fencing around pools and many people install pool alarms to let them know if someone falls in. If we’re truly concerned about safety, why do so many of us leave those concerns at the bathroom door?

The bathroom is one of the most potentially dangerous rooms in the home, particularly for older adults. Why? Let’s start with the wet and slippery surfaces, loose rugs, and sharp corners. Next, add in the physical challenges many older adults experience: difficulty with balance getting in and out of the bath or shower; trouble bending and reaching to adjust water temperature or wash body parts; difficulty seeing without glasses or contact lenses. It makes for one seriously dangerous mix. Statistics are hard to isolate, but a CDC report credits bathroom accidents with causing over 235,000 injuries in 2008. Among older adults, bathroom incidents accounted for 2.5% of all unintentional injuries.

1 IN 3
adults aged 65 or
older will fall each year
bathroom injuries
per year
suffer moderate to
severe injuries

  • Clamp-On Rail RTL12036

    The Bathtub Grab Bar Safety Rail is easy to install without needed tools.

  • Shower/Bath Mat 12950

    Has multiple suction cups, allowing for a slip-free bathing experience.

  • Suction Cup Grab Bar RTL13082

    The Bathtub Grab Bar Safety Rail is easy to install without needing tools.

  • Bath Bench RTL12505

    Designed for individuals who require safety measures with balance in the bath or shower.

  • Elevated Toilet Seat RTL12027RA

    Helps individuals who need a boost sitting down or standing up from the toiler.

  • Handheld Shower Spray RTL12045

    Use as hand held shower spray or use in handle mount as traditional showerhead.

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